Erin Rust Thesis

Erin Rust Thesis

For my body of work I analyzed the movement of both the ideal hunter and western Quarter Horses of today to see how their movement correlated with their conformation, the historical role of both disciplines, as well as the breed standards. I focused on two classes that are featured at modern day breed shows, specifically for the Quarter Horse, the Hunter Under Saddle and Western Pleasure classes. These two classes show the versatility of the Quarter Horse through different ways of riding and moving. The Western Pleasure class is a much slower pace but the horses still need to be covering ground, where as the Hunter Under Saddle classes are more up-tempo because of the long and ground covering strides, this is not a class of who has the fastest horse but a class of horses that are moving at a “working” collected pace. By presenting both the Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle horses, I hope to showcase the true versatility of the breed as well as showing the beauty behind the looks and movement of the American Quarter Horse.

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